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The aim of the project

The aim of “Tsagumov Hayer” is to acquaint the audience with the Armenians living abroad who have made a significant contribution to world science, politics, culture and economics. Speaking about famous and legendary Armenians, their origin, personal life and labor activity, “Tsagumov Hayer” aims to awaken in Armenians (especially young) from all over the world a sense of pride and love for our nation and homeland!


The author and the host of the TV program “Tsagumov Hayer” – Manana Hakobyan


My telecast “Tsagumov Hayer” has been broadcasting on local and international TV channels of the television organization “Armenia” since 2007 year. “Tsagumov Hayer” is watched in 138 countries of the world, including America. The guests of the telecast are people with Armenian roots from all over the world, who have made and are still making a significant contribution to world politics, science, economics, art, and so on. Armenians who due to their talent, diligence and sincerity contributed to the development and prosperity of the country, in which they live. They also don’t forget to help their homeland Armenia. Each episode of the telecast is dedicated to one well-known Armenian, we tell about his life and labor activity. In 2017, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of “Tsagumov Hayer” with a wide scope.


Manana was born in a creative family. Father is documentary film director Hrant Hakobyan, mother - screenwriter, film director Ruzanna Hakobyan, brother- film director Vardan Hakobyan.

Manana spent her childhood on the shooting grounds, which certainly had a positive impact on her interest in art. From the age of 4, Manana started acting in film “Boomerang”. This little episodic role brought her fame in school and among her friends, which further inspired Manana and brought her on the path of art.



After she had grown up and received an education, her creative life began. Since 2001 she has been an assistant of film director Hrant Hakobyan.
"Hayastan im Hayrenik" (2013) film, consisting of 12 parts became a good occasion for Manana to become an active member of the community of cinematographists.
Being an active person with organizational skills in 2005 with several like-minded people, Manana created studio “Depi Yerkir”, that’s when the idea of the project “Tsagumov Hayer” came up: to create films about Armenians living in other countries. The purpose of “Tsagumov Hayer” could be identified with the words of G.Srvndztian "To acquaint the Armenian with the Armenian and make them love each other." This is how the telecast of Manana Hakobyan “Tsagumov Hayer” began, which has been already broadcasting for 10 years.


In 2016 Manana Hakobyan was awarded the diploma “Mayreni Despan” by the Ministry of Diaspora for her contribution to the preservation of the national identity of Diaspora Armenians.
In 2017 on the occasion of the 10th jubilee of “Tsagumov Hayer” Manana was awarded the gold medal by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.
In 2017 Manana Hakobyan was awarded a diploma by the mayor of Glendale for the 10-year development of the project “Tsagumov Hayer”, that gives an opportunity to learn about famous Armenians from all over the world, to learn about their life and contribution they make to history and for strengthening the relations between Armenia and Diaspora.
In 2017 in Los-Angeles Manana Hakobyan was awarded the diploma by the Armenian military-patriotic public organization “Pativ”.


Scriptwriter and director of “Tsagumov Hayer” Ruzanna Hakobyan 35 taught at the Pedagogical University named after Khachatur Abovyan at the Faculty of Cultural Studies.
She worked as the head of the theater department in the scientific and methodological center of the Ministry of Culture. She had written scripts for many films, which were shot in the film studio “Hayk”.
Since 2007 she has been the director and scriptwriter of the television program Tsagumov Hayer”.